SRCWC Publicity

This page is a record of the publicity we got for winning the Smallest Rugby Club World Cup in the press, radio and TV. Nobody can say we didn’t milk it!

The first coverage was in the Cambridge News on September 22 and this included:

A front page banner,


half the back page


and (most surprisingly) an editorial piece.

CN Editorial

This was followed by a radio appearance by Baz and Billbob on Radio Cambridgeshire which is you can listen to now!


And most recently a posse of Renegades went to the BT Sport Studio in Stratford to appear on the first episode of Rugby Today for the 2015/16 season. There they mostly hung around the studio looking sultry in the background, but some were disguised as Smurfs and Rolando and Baz were interviewed:



And finally we appeared in the England Rugby Online Mag for October. You can choose from the original or from Flora’s Doctored version. See if you can guess which is which:

original        Floras